Sales Mindset Makeover: 3 Biggest Secrets to go from HATE to LOVE of Sales

I don't want to SELL. You didn't sign up to be 'in sales'. So stop selling! Don't let the fear of selling hold you back from your coaching dreams. This course teaches you strategies for getting clients AND allows you to do what you love.
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About This Product:


I’m a coach AND I HATE SALES. Should I quit? 

You didn't sign up to be a salesperson. So stop selling! 
As a coach, you got into business to share your gifts. 
It’s tough to have to sell YOU,  sell your own service. 
I was in that trap of feeling I needed to figure out sales & was spending so much time on selling, just to be a successful coach. 
  • That feeling of desperation crept in- do I keep going or quit now?
  • Was I good enough to do this business? 
  • I had very few clients, almost no income. So if I have trouble getting clients, why am I doing this?
  • Did I have to get business ‘that way’.  

Was this the end of my coaching dream?

I bought into many of the tricks & gimmicks that we are told is the only way to succeed, even though they didn’t feel right for me or my clients! 
Not my words, not my real self, not for ‘my business’ I said.
There has to be a better way to potentially get clients & do more of what you love
Over 30 years of working in sales & marketing led me to discover some key shifts to find my own words & an authentic way to promote me & my business.

 It worked for me, is working for my clients. It CAN work for you too.
Do you want to focus on serving your clients and making an impact without spending all your time selling? Then it's time to stop selling and start sharing your authentic self with the world.

This course is designed to help non-salespeople understand selling that is authentically YOU. We'll show you how to talk to the right prospects, how to get clients based on your personality, and how to price your services without feeling salesy.

You'll also learn how to overcome your beliefs and blocks about money, so you can get out of your own way and let your clients buy.

 This course will pack your brain with ideas, explanations, examples, and action steps to help you shift and grow your business. You'll finally be able to figure out YOUR voice to promote your business and get out of the way so you could let your clients BUY.

Don't let the fear of selling hold you back from your coaching dreams. Join us today and start serving your clients in the most authentic way possible.

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A sneak peak inside this course:

  •  Are you talking to the right prospects?
  • What are you spending your time doing- marketing or 'selling' or serving?
  • How to get clients based on your personality- without being salesy
  • Pricing, offers & the Ask - how clear are you on these?
  • Money.  Yes, just money! Beliefs, blocks & why you need to get out of the way so you could let your clients BUY.
30 minutes packed with ideas, explanations, examples & action steps for you to shift & grow your business!
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Overview to Sell More: 3 Key Shifts
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Who are you talking to?
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Your offer & the Ask
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Money beliefs & Finding your Value
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Take Action NOW so you could Sell More
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What Now?
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Diane Crncich (Padoin)

Diane has over 30 years in Sales Training & loves to help entrepreneurs struggling with sales to sell in a way that is authentic and sustainable for them, allowing them to spend more time doing what they love in their business. Let's talk!
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Diane is CEO of Success by Alchemy and Founder of the Sales Mastery Membership, a unique self-promotion, supportive entrepreneur community.  Her passion is to help entrepreneurs and coaches who struggle with sales, to get ‘a sale’, and continue to sell authentically. Diane has been in sales and sales training for over 30 years. 
She has helped corporate clients, retailers, technology companies, realtors, direct sellers, entrepreneurs and heart centered coaches to sell over $75 million of their products and services.  She has taken entrepreneurs from $0 sales to their 1st high ticket sale, from low pricing to confidently selling $20K services, from no clients to a steady stream of ideal clients and from fear of sales to loving their business.

She helps entrepreneurs and coaches find their own way to sell authentically, that is sustainable for them and their businesses. 

For a FREE Chat with Diane: 

Join a community that Loves Sales & also a new way of connecting. I would love to connect!


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